What To Expect On The HCG Diet

DAY ONE: Start injections (or other mode of administration day one) The first two days are wonderful! Of course you are encouraged to eat anything and everything you want, in fact it is necessary that you do! Gaining FAT the first two days of injections is required for a smooth entry into the diet. To not eat these days is a mistake! We love the HCG Diet because it is an easy diet.. Don’t make it difficult on yourself by changing the rules. If you don’t lose weight it iss not the diet's fault it is because you are not following directions. So... slow down, read everything on this website, do some research and read Dr. Simeons' original protocol.

Get pysched!

DAY THREE is the first 500 calorie day. Believe it or not it is easy. Just be sure that you read Dr. Simeons' original protocol prior to day 3 and that you have a food scale, a bathroom scale and that you went shopping for good clean food.

DAY FOUR is the big transition day. Many pass through it without notice but a few may experience hunger. If you do, relax, it will pass soon. If you need more food have an extra ½ portion of protein two hours after dinner. But only on DAY FOUR. During DAY FOUR & DAY FIVE it is not uncommon to detox from sugar/carbs, as such you might experience some lethargy and or a slight headache.

Most people typically lose 6-14 pounds the first week

Most people typically lose 6-14 pounds the first week (even with the gorging) women typically lose a bit less than men, but if you are not losing at least a pound a day you need to call us to see if there is something that you are doing that is against the diet. This is important. Many people are doing something - something simple to correct - that won’t allow them to lose weight!

If you are not losing a pound a day, you need to call our diet coach on the first day this happens. It might be as simple as constipation or water retention or you are about to have your period. Howeveryour subconscious is very powerful and might have convinced you that you can have something that you would not typically think has fat or sugar or carbs in it.

Women frequently experience interruptions or deviations in their menstrual cycles as a result of rapid weight loss. This is generally not a serious medical concern nor is it typically related to taking HCG for the diet, and your period typically returns to your normal state after the diet is over.

If a food is not on the diet DO NOT taste, sample, or even handle the food item.

HCG DietSome people have to drink alcohol on occasion if this is the case please consult our staff so we can guide you in this area.

Do NOT take HCG if you are pregnant or nursing. Although your body produces it naturally during pregnancy and the FDA approved use is to increase ovulation, mother nature is very specific about when and where HCG is produced during pregnancy and this is not something we would care to mess with.

The diet actually helps you do body contouring without exercise. HCG makes it easier for you to cut back calories because it acts as an appetite suppressant. During the first few days of the program, you might experience mild hunger after reducing your food consumption. By the second week, however, most people find small servings of food to be quite satisfying. This is partially because the HCG helps to release calories from your stored fat and these calories then circulate throughout your body. In addition, your hypothalamus makes adjustments to your metabolic rate, which helps you feel full faster. Each person will have a different weight loss goal and the length of the program will be customized to meet his or her particular needs. Many patients willingly submit to a second or third treatment.

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Since 1975, the FDA has required labeling and advertising of HCG to state:

“HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or "normal" distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.”

This does not mean its not safe, nor does it mean its not effective. What it means is that there are no double blind clinical studies that have been reported in peer reviewed clinical journals supporting the use of HCG as a dietary aid. You should talk to people who have done the diet and consult your physician.


Past side effects, although minor, were reported by patients taking HCG at 50-70 times the dosage prescribed for the HCG Diet (10,000 I.U.'s prescribed for increased ovulation vs 125-200 I.U.s prescribed for HCG Diet); we are not aware of any side effects reported from taking HCG for the diet. All past side effects from taking high dosage HCG were similar to symptoms that many women typically experience during pregnancy, such as delayed, shortened or prolonged menstual cycles or minor cramping.

These statements have NOT been reviewed by the FDA.

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